Bihar Caste Census Population 2023

The Bihar Caste Census Population report, released on October 2, 2023, provides insights into the population distribution based on caste in the state of Bihar, India. The total population of Bihar is estimated to be above 13 crore (130,725,310). 

Bihar Caste Census Population

Here is a breakdown of the population based on different caste categories:

  • Backward classes: 27.1% of the population
  • Extremely backward classes (EBC): 36% of the population
  • Scheduled Castes: 19.7% of the population
  • Scheduled Tribes: 1.7% of the population
  • Other Backward Classes (OBC): 27% of the population
  • EBCs and OBCs together account for 63% of the total population of Bihar

Additionally, the survey provides specific population figures for some caste groups:

  • Yadav: 18,650,119 (14.27%)
  • Rajput (Singh): 4,510,733 (3.45%)
  • Kurmi (Patel): 3,762,969 (2.88%)
  • Brahmin (Mishra): NA

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